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Texas Patent Infringement Lawsuits

Texas has found its place on the map as a hot spot for legal action, particularly for patent infringement lawsuits. Texas lawyers are very busy, and with good reason. Texas lawyers are moving the patent infringement lawsuits in Texas along faster than any other state. Patent infringement in Texas is not necessarily that high, but the number of cases in Texas comes in well over the national average.

Only the central District of California will handle more lawsuits than Texas, and this is big news for small towns in Texas. Texas lawyers have been able to expedite cases, and thus Texas is making its mark on the map with major corporations as the place to be for a lawsuit.

Resolving cases of patent infringement in Texas means less down time for the companies involved, and means big business for small towns of the Lone Star State. Hotels, restaurants, and other small businesses are benefiting well from the onslaught of lawsuits involving patent infringement in Texas.

Texas lawyers are handling the bulk of the cases, typically representing the claimants, while patent lawyers from New York, California, Colorado, Maine, Florida, and Oregon have all gotten a reasonably well paid tour of the state of Texas.

The Texas courts have seen the parade of Texas lawyers as well as their national counterparts and maintain the expectation for more in the future. With the national increase in lawsuits it is completely believable that this year Texas lawyers will top their current record of 234 cases in the Eastern District alone.

With patent infringement in Texas becoming such big business for small town America, you would think the big cities were missing out. Not at all. The large cities such as Houston are certainly holding their own in the count of cases coming through Texas. So why is there such a heavy interest in bringing it to Texas?

Texas has a much higher claimant award average than anywhere else in the country. While several sources quote various numbers, the conservative figure is 78% of cases are judged in favor of the patent holders which is quite a difference from the national average of 59%. Investigations into this high number has come up with generalized reasoning.

The Texas juries which were polled stated that they made their decisions based on the letter of the law, not a “loose interpretation of the law” as some state they were asked to do by the defense lawyers. Others state that the cases are just so obvious, that it was very clear that the patent violators knew or should have known that the patent was already in existence.

Cases regarding patent infringement in Texas are expected to grow, and Texas lawyers are prepared for the job. Just as the cases in Texas are agreeably sized as everything else in Texas, so are the verdicts. Cases involving it in Texas are subject to judgment awards as large as everything else in Texas. Some Texas lawyers state that this is due to the understanding of the potential financial devastation that stealing from another company can bring. Texans seriously look down upon stealing, which is what most patent infringement equates to.

Obviously, Texas lawyers are quite skilled at what they do, and when it comes to protecting patent rights, skill of the lawyer means everything. Patent infringement in Texas means results for claimants. Texas lawyers are serious about the results they bring in for their claimants. Thus, it would make sense that if you’re in need of a patent infringement lawyer and are in need of results, Texas would be the place to look.

After such a high peak in Texas patent infringement cases, it would be reasonable to believe that the peak is over, and that there will soon be too many Texas lawyers, But the truth seems to be revealing itself a bit differently, as patent infringement in Texas is still only second to the central district of California. What does this mean for the future of patent infringement in the United States? Only time will tell. But as of right now, if you’re in need of a lawyer, the place to be is, or course, Texas.

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